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New Update On TimeThis And activeCollab 3

July 3rd, 2012 Posted by activeCollab API No Comment yet

As you know, we’ve been working for several weeks now on updating TimeThis to work with the new aC3. The changes in aC3 are fairly substantial. In our opinion it’s a huge departure from the workflow in aC2. We see it more as a new application than simply an upgrade.

So here are a few things we discovered in working to update TimeThis for aC3.

1. We found that importing data from aC2 does not map to aC3’s model, which for us did not return the expected results.

2. Projects and Milestones can no longer be used for time tracking.

3. Checklists and Tasks workflow are gone. They’ve been replaced by Tasks and Subtasks. Tasks can be timed, but Subtasks cannot.

4. You can now assign a task a “job type” when recording time for a task. These job types can be created and associated with a billing rate.

5. aC3 also has “ToDo” lists, which are turned off by default. ToDo’s can be timed, but show up as generic entries under the project time and expense category.

Of course there are many, many other changes in aC3 and we’ve only discussed those affecting TimeThis. As we move closer to outputting our update we’ll make sure to let you know. And as we’ve said before, we fully intend to continue to support aC2 and Basecamp Classic. We’re also working on making TimeThis available to interface with a number of other project management and collaboration applications.

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