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Don’t Lose That Time — TimeThis!

July 1st, 2010 Posted by Beta Testing No Comment yet

Oh man, where does the time go? Seems like only yesterday it was the beginning of January and not July, and we were releasing TimeThis to the public for beta testing.

Well, TimeThis being what it is — a desktop time-tracking tool to secure an accurate representation of time spent on a project — we actually know exactly where the time went.

We’ve been listening to our testers’ invaluable feedback, fixing some bugs and adding some requested features to make TimeThis an even better and more reliable application before its imminent wider release. (We’ve created an archive of the changes we’ve made over the previous six months, so anyone interested in a quick glance at the history of TimeThis can do so on the Release Notes page.)

That pretty much covers where we are to date with TimeThis. Right now, we’re all about looking forward — looking forward to getting TimeThis to even more Basecamp and activeCollab users so they can accurately track the time they spend on projects and tasks and to further enhancing TimeThis based on your feedback and our own testing.

If you’ve just discovered TimeThis, please visit the Download page for info on how to get a copy of TimeThis.

We’ll be beta testing the app for just a short while longer. Until then, we’ll keep you updated here on further changes and when we have a release candidate ready. As always, to get the latest TimeThis news subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed or follow MerryFools on Twitter.