Introducing TimeThis For activeCollab3!

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This is what you’ve been waiting for, folks! The #1 desktop time-tracking app for Basecamp and activeCollab users is now bigger and better than ever!

Having worked closely with activeCollab and their API features for version 3.x., we are extremely proud to release an entirely new version of TimeThis, complete with activeCollab3 functionality!

Introducing ThisTime 2.0.

As there have been many under-the-hood changes to accommodate activeCollab3, there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. TimeThis users upgrading from activeCollab2 to activeCollab 3.x will need to download TimeThis 2.0 and perform a completely new installation. The new version of TimeThis will not overwrite previous versions.
  2. This is a free upgrade for all existing licensees of TimeThis.
  3. If you are upgrading from activeCollab2 to activeCollab3, your activeCollab URL will change in the TimeThis settings, but your API key will remain the same.
    TimeThis platform settings
  4. Along with activeCollab 3, TimeThis 2.0 will continue to work with activeCollab 2 and Basecamp Classic, but remember, the new Basecamp app does not have time tracking functionality.
  5. If you do not plan to upgrade your activeCollab2 account to version 3.x there is no need to download the new TimeThis release. Your current version will continue to track time just fine.

What’s New in TimeThis and aC3

When you sync TimeThis with activeCollab3, you’ll see your list of Projects just as you always have. Within your Projects you can now set Milestones, Tasks, Subtasks and ToDos, however, ToDos are turned off by default.

The structure of activeCollab has changed in the version 3.x. This changes how time is booked if you are upgrading from aC2 to aC3. Milestones and ToDos are associated directly with Projects; Subtasks are associated with Tasks.

TimeThis: activeCollab3 view

For example:

  • A Milestone can be timed, but the time gets booked as a Time Record under its associated Project.
  • Tasks book time to each respective Task.
  • You can time Subtasks and view them in TimeThis, but Subtasks book time to the Task they fall under in activeCollab3, not to the Subtask directly. As a result, you can only have one Subtask open per Task.
  • As with previous versions of TimeThis, you can add Tasks through TimeThis but you cannot add Subtasks.
  • ToDos work the same way as Milestones and book time under the Project in which they fall, but again, they are turned off by default.

In short, activeCollab has removed the ability to specifically time Milestones, Subtasks and ToDos. The API has been set to time Tasks only.

What we’ve done with TimeThis is engineered it so that Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Subtasks and ToDos are visible in the app, but the booked time rolls up to the Task or to the Project to which they are assigned on aC3.

Setting milestones, tasks and subtasks within Projects

Other changes include the option to mark Subtasks as completed on the Active Timers tab, once you have finished assigned work for them.

It’s important that you do not mark your Subtask complete before the work is done as it deletes the Subtask from your Project once you submit the time.

subtasks on active timers

And in preferences you can set the option to view the latest TimeThis changes listed via the Recent Changes button on the Projects tab.

recent changes

So download TimeThis 2.0 now, because time is money and TimeThis is … money-er!

Thanks for all your support!

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