Release Notes

TimeThis Version 2.1.0


  • TimeThis Version 2.1.0 added support for six new project management and invoicing apps.

TimeThis Version 2.0.3



  • If you are using activeCollab 3 and associating tasks with specific categories, project tasks will now be grouped by category on the Project screen.
  • If you are not using categories to organize your tasks you will not notice any changes.


  • Fixed bug in the Idle Timer that was not correctly calculating time when the user chose to not count the idle time.

TimeThis Version 2.0.0



If you are upgrading from activeCollab 2.x to activeCollab 3.x, the structure of how time is booked has changed.

You can set Milestones, Tasks, Subtasks and ToDos within Projects, but:

  • Time for Milestones and ToDos is booked under Projects with ToDos turned off by default.
  • Time for Subtasks is booked under Tasks. As a result you can only time one Subtask at a time.

As with previous versions you can add Tasks through TimeThis but you cannot add Subtasks.

Active Timers

  • Subtasks can be marked as completed from your active timer when you’ve finished work on your Subtask. Marking the Subtask complete deletes the Subtask from your project.


  • Preferences: Option to turn Recent Changes notifications on/off.
  • Server Settings: Add your activeCollab3 URL and API Key here.

TimeThis Version 1.0.9


  • The height and width of the TimeThis window is now saved on quit or close.
  • A fix has been added for users using the activeCollab Tickets Merge module.
  • Saved timers for projects that have been deleted from the server are now removed when the project list is refreshed.
  • Whitespace in the API key and URL fields is now removed before testing the connection to the project site.

TimeThis Version 1.0.8


  • Long project titles no longer extend beyond the application window.
  • Encoding has been added to render apostrophes correctly in project, checklist and task titles.
  • Clicking a project label will force the projects to be reloaded. This feature is not final.

TimeThis Version 1.0.7


  • When choosing to include or exclude time after being idle, the appropriate amount of time is added to the timer.
  • The idle reminders no longer sound when a user has not actually been idle.
  • A new option in the settings panel lets users specify if they’d like TimeThis to be be minimized to the dock or system tray.
  • When the “On Close, minimize to Dock or System Tray” option is selected and TimeThis is minimized, the TimeThis context menu will display the task and time for the current timer.

TimeThis Version 1.0.5


  • We included a new 24-hour time format option in the “Active Timer Start Date”.
  • We added punctuation to the comments text area in the “Active Timer” UI.
  • We added project syncing when a user opens their activeCollab or Basecamp project site using the built-in webkit browser.
  • When closing the fullscreen state, TimeThis will refresh the currently open project.

TimeThis Version 1.0.4


  • Added unicode range for accented character sets.

TimeThis Version 1.0.3


  • We fixed a dynamic pathing issue affecting Windows 7 user access to help files.
  • We added logging to help identify user issues more efficiently.
  • You can now edit hours, minutes and seconds for an “Active Timer” with the scroll wheel.

TimeThis Version 1.0.2


  • Adjusted Basecamp time submission where the user identification might not be detected.

TimeThis Version 1.0


  • TimeThis is officially released to the public.

TimeThis Version 0.5.1


  • The AddTask button has been removed from a project’s Milestones and Tickets headers temporarily; we plan to have it back in a future version of TimeThis.

TimeThis Version 0.4.9


  • This version has been compiled using the Adobe AIR 2 Release Candidate (RC) 1.
  • When you overwrite the active timer with a new timer, the elapsed time is now retained and assigned to the new timer.

TimeThis Version 0.4.8


  • We fixed a glitch in the project UI that would clip the right edge after the window was expanded and then sized smaller.
  • When you submit time, the seconds are now set to 00.
  • We fixed the issue that would sometimes cause the Project header not to close properly and leave the indicator arrow pointing in the wrong direction.

TimeThis Version 0.4.7


  • You can now track time directly to tickets or milestones associated with projects.
  • When adding a task, the task description will only allow alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores. A-Za-z0-9_-

TimeThis Version 0.4.6


  • The routing issue that was causing problems for some users whose activeCollab acounts are hosted by activeCollab has been fixed.
  • Tooltips no longer inadvertently hide the buttons they are describing.

TimeThis Version 0.4.5


  • Added “Bug icon” for submitting bugs.
  • Checking to see if Basecamp todo lists are marked completed.

TimeThis Version 0.4.4


  • When no end date is given for a task added in TimeThis, the default will be the current date.

TimeThis Version 0.4.3


  • SSL Certificate change.
  • Added feedback message when user preferences are changed.

TimeThis Version 0.4.2


  • Added friendly messages when TimeThis cannot connect to the internet or the specified project site.

TimeThis Version 0.4.1


  • Fixed close button issue when no API platform has been chosen.
  • Added method for testing internet connection.

TimeThis Version 0.4


  • TimeThis released as Beta to public test groups.