Submitting Time and the activeCollab API

July 23rd, 2010 Posted by activeCollab API No Comment yet

Here’s an important note for activeCollab users who have downloaded, installed and gotten TimeThis set up with their respective API URL and Key, only to have been bemused when the application seemingly fails to submit time to their project site.

Any frustration is understandable, particularly since TimeThis is retrieving projects and tasks as it should — it’s just not posting time as advertised. And we don’t like apps that appear to be broken any more than the next person does, especially when the application is our own!

Here’s what’s happening and the simple change that needs to be made to get TimeThis and activeCollab talking back and forth as they should.

By default, the activeCollab API is set to “Read-Only”. This means that TimeThis can retrieve data from your activeCollab installation but not submit new data. Hence, TimeThis can retrieve projects and tasks but not submit time.

The activeCollab API status needs to be changed to “Read and Write”, which is easy to do if you (or the person in charge of your activeCollab installation) follow these simple instructions from the activeCollab developer’s guide:

To change API state check for API_STATUS in your config/config.php. If that configuration directive does not exist, add the following line to the file:

define('API_STATUS', 1);

Values this directive can have are:

  • 0 – API is disabled
  • 1 – API is read-only
  • 2 – API supports both read and write requests

In short, if the configuration file of your activeCollab installation is missing the API state definition or if the API state is set to anything except 2, TimeThis will be unable to post time to activeCollab.

Fortunately it’s an easy fix. Just make sure the directive is there and that it has the value of 2 so that TimeThis can read from and write to your activeCollab installation. Happy timing!

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